Female Prisoner

What book would you give to a female prisoner?

The answer is not simple. And it is the answer to this question that interests us and prompts reflection. This is the whole point of the initiative. Because to answer it, we have to put ourselves, if only for a moment, in the place of these women by imagining what they would like to read, or at least what we would like to read if we were at their square. This answer will transform you.

The book may be new or used. In French or not. On the first page, we ask you to write your message, to choose your words. This is the fundamental gesture, the most important part of this whole adventure. And remember to sign your message, but without putting your address. If you wish, you can go even further and write your personal details on a free, white sheet in order to establish a beginning of correspondence. It will be the prison staff who will be responsible for making the link between the inmates and you.

It is understood that you authorize the association Aux Forgotten to photograph and distribute your words on the site and on social networks.